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29:06:2006 :: Carthaginian Infantry (8010) ::
Carthaginian Infantry (8010)

The infantry consisted of Libyan-Phoenicians, people, moulded as a result of Libyan land colonization by Phoenicians, was the basis of Carthaginian army. Libyan-Phoenician infantry was armed after the Hellenistic pattern. The heavy infantry wore muscular cuirasses, chain armors, helmets of Greek Hellenistic type, often with a crest without horsehair, and Greek round shields. Spears and swords were the armament of the heavy infantry. Warriors of the light infantry wore ordinary togas without belts, oval Roman shields and were armed with javelins and swords. On Crete Island the Carthage army recruited qualified slingers defeating the enemy at the distance of 120-160 steps.

22:06:2006 :: TAKEDA. KAVANAKAJIMA 1553-1564 (8239) ::
TAKEDA. KAVANAKAJIMA 1553-1564 (8239)

The game allows playing the episodes of the battles having become the plot base of many films and books about the medieval Japan. In the second half of the 16th century on the Kawanakadjima plain two armies under the leadership of two famous Japanese commanders, Takeda Shingen and Uesugi Kenshin, each strived for the supreme power, went into bloody battle.

The set includes:

  • Figures of soldiers – 179
  • Infantry – 138
  • Mounted – 40
  • Regiment card 16
  • Regiments Stands with flags - 16
  • Flag stickers – 32
  • Accessories for samurai army headquarters
  • Colour pen
  • Ruler - 2
  • Angle pattern
  • Rules
  • D20 dice - 2
  • Brochure with historic description and necessary information
  • The set includes an exclusive figure of Uesugi Kenshin

  • 28:04:2006 :: 8028 "French foot artillery 1810 - 1815" set is on sale now ! ::

    The French artillery was considered to be the best artillery of the epoch of the Napoleonic wars. In battle the numerous infantry regiments required a fire support, provided by the foot artillery which was widely used at that time. In the Great Napoleonic army each infantry division was usually strengthened by one artillery troop comprised 20-30 guns.

    The set include:

    • 3 cannons
    • 6 mounted
    • 19 foot soldiers.

    26:02:2006 :: New Troop Lists ::

    These troop lists were added:


    Middle Ages:

    01:02:2006 :: New Troop List ::

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