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Age of Battles: Napoleonica
French Emperors Old Guards 1805-1815

8030 French Emperors Old Guards 1805-1815

Description: The first grenadier regiment of the Imperial Guard was formed in the year 1804. The regiment consisted of the best soldiers selected from all French Army regiments. Not everyone could become a Guard grenadier. A guardsman contender should stand no less than 175 cm, serve at least 8 years in the army and take part at least in three campaigns. The grenadier regiment of the Imperial Guard was composed of two battalions; each consisted of four companies. Huge bear's caps (bearskins) marked out the grenadiers from all other army and guard units. The Imperial Guard was always positioned near Napoleon, guarded him in the palace, within the campaign, in bivouac and in action. In 1812 two grenadier regiments of the Old Guard marched on Russia. More than once they saved their Emperor from the raids of the Russian cavalry, Cossacks and guerillas. In the tragic battle of Waterloo (Belgium, June of 1815) the Old Guard covered the retreat of the whole Napoleon army.

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