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04:12:2006 :: French Voltigeurs. Elite infantry ::
French Voltigeurs. Elite infantry

Voltigeurs were introduced as the companies meant for skirmishing in battle. It is companies that became the "light infantry", which had always been in the vanguard and in the line of skirmishers. The introduction of voltigeurs can also be explained by the fact that Napoleon wanted to encourage brave soldiers who couldn’t be enrolled in the grenadier or carabineer companies owing to their low stature. If the notion "grenadier" had always been associated with a tall soldier, courageous in a bayonet fighting, a "voltigeur" was a synonym for a small, but fearless soldier in the front under fierce fire of the enemy.

03:12:2006 :: Medieval Heavy Bombard ::
Medieval Heavy Bombard

The bombard was the most powerful cannon of the Fifteenth Century; its cannonballs were capable of knocking down the walls of medieval castles and fortified towns. The weapon was located at a specially prepared position with the gun crew being protected by a raised shield.

09:11:2006 :: Medieval Field Powder Artillery (№8027) is on the market ! ::
Medieval Field Powder Artillery (№8027) is on the market !

This set consists of the artillery weapon used during the period of the Hundred Year’s War in the Fifteenth century. The guns were used on the battlefield as well as during sieges and in the defense of towns.

01:10:2006 :: New Troop Lists ::

These troop lists were added:


09:09:2006 :: New Troop Lists ::

These troop lists were added:


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